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GT TA22, The Buildup!

Welcome To My Home Page

Welcome to my Web Page. Ive quickly created this site to display the rebuild of my 71 GT TA22 celica Untill my car finds a more permenant site on the web. The photo page is pretty much where its all at. this is just a photo diary of my progress, I do intend to add a whole lotta info and stuff to go with Ive just gotta to get around to it. Thanks for visit, and I hope my hard labour will inspire others to restore these wonderfull cars to their former glory!


-I just tried to load the photo page on a normal connection at home, rather than the ultra fast uni internet, anyway is VERY SLOW, sorry bout that, I'll make proper thumbnails or something

Corona Pics of RT40 are here!!!!

New Corolla pics here, engine mounts, motor and stuff!!!!

- Photo Page 2 is my turbo KE25 Corolla

- Photo Page 3 is old adds for the celica and RV2

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